Custody: Washington, Interstate, and International

Flexx Law, PS handles parental and non- parental custody. 

Custody is a matter that must be handled delicately. It is wonderful to see parents and others cooperating in the best interests of their children, but people do not always see eye to eye. In some more extreme cases the conduct of one person can be harmful to a child. Some cases involve interstate or international issues. It takes a skillful and experienced attorney to guide a client through the process in a manner that fits the needs of the particular facts of the case. Flexx Law, PS brings that experience and skill to the situation. Over the years Flexx Law, PS has developed many contacts with experts (such as parenting evaluators, and attorneys in other jurisdictions) to bring to your case all the help possible to achieve a result in the “best interests of the child”.  

Marguerite (Maggie) Smith has extensive experience in Washington, Interstate and international cases. She is a frequent speaker, and a recognized author.