What Makes Us Different

Compassion Through Innovation

Flexx Law, PS is a law firm dedicated to providing innovative and creative options to family. One size does not fit all and one solution should not be adopted to fit all client needs. Our approach is compassionate and holistic. We listen to and work with our clients to help them to find a resolution which is right for them.

Holistic Approach

At Flexx Law, PS our clients are not just legal issues. When we identify a problem as potentially non legal we refer them to the appropriate professional. A typical example of this is a client who comes to us with a child management issue. Sometimes this is not a case which should immediately be addressed by a judge. Sometimes a therapist is the person who can best help. This may have the added benefit of helping both parents act together in a mutual, non legal, non threatening manner. In this way they may better serve the child's best interests both now and in the future.

Serving Clients by Offering Options

Flexx Law, PS is in the forefront of innovative legal practice emphasizing client options. The firm has introduced the concept of Flexx Dispute Resolution/Flexx Law and is leading the call to use Cooperative Law in Washington.  Marguerite (Maggie) Smith is active in the Collaborative Law community, another innovative family law approach, and serves on the KCBA Collaborative Law Section.

Alternative Approaches & Innovations

Flexx Law, PS attorneys are trained to think outside the box. Flexx Law, PS is on the cutting edge of new practices in family law. We provide collaborative law services. We are leading the call in Washington for cooperative law. We encourage a holistic approach to a client's concerns, referring out to therapists and others according to the client's wishes and needs. We consider the whole person not just the legal issue. We recognize that one person's remedy to a problem may not be appropriate or acceptable to another. Most of all we listen to the client and attempt to satisfy that client's needs in a flexx-ible accommodating manner.

For attorney trainings and public informational seminars on this and other approaches, please visit our Seminars & Workshops page.