A Flexx-ible Approach to Family Law

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Flexx Law, PS is a Bellevue law firm dedicated to providing innovative and creative options to family law. One size does not fit all and one solution should not be adopted to fit all client needs. Our approach is compassionate and holistic. We listen to and work with our clients to help them to find a resolution which is right for them.

Flexx Law, PS is in the forefront of innovative family law. The firm has championed the popularization of Collaborative Law and Cooperative Law in Washington State family law. We continuously work to improve the legal profession's practice of litigation and mediation.  What this means to the client is a greater range of options from which to choose in resolving family disputes. With Flexx Law, PS your attorney will discuss numerous flexx-ible options with you.

Flexx Law, PS attorneys bring their experience of resolving delicate family law situations to each case. Family Law takes a special breed of attorney. Family law should not be approached with a hammer. There are important family relationships to protect, especially where there are children involved. A family law attorney should be adverse to litigation except where necessary. Litigation puts stress on the individuals and the relationships. It can also be cripplingly expensive.

Sometimes litigation is necessary but a family law firm should be able to quickly move from litigation mode to settlement mode in an instant, and visa versa. They should be flexx-ible to best serve the client. This ability to transition is what we call Flexx Dispute Resolution.

For information on divorce law click on the Divorce Facts and Law link.  Note that we have special sections dedicated to divorces with Business Assets and International Family Law

Maggie Smith on Flexx Law, P.S

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