Client Testimonials(taken from Avvo.com)

“Best ever laywer” 5.0 stars Posted by Frank.

“Marguerite is the best lawyer you can get. We had a very difficult and complex case together, no one else could have won. She was always spot on, and her advice and strategy has been excellent. She is also well connected with her network of top colleagues she can draw from. I only can highly recommend her, don’t go anywhere else if you want to win the best for your child. Her billing is clearly structured, reasonable and just. Apart from being an outstanding expert in family law she is also a wonderful, highly intelligent down to earth person, who will understand your needs and fight for your best interests. If you want to get the best out of your case, I would highly advise you, to work close WITH her- she is an excellent team worker, as better you you work with her and provide her with all she will ask you for as better she can work with you for you. At court in litigation she excels even higher, she has been always quicker and one step ahead of opposite council before they even realize what happened. While being fast thinking and moving, when it really matters, she is also very structured and good organised, which gives you an easy ride in difficult territory. This is what you need, when you emotionally blocked in these situations. She will steer you clear through a stormy sea. She is not only on the money, she is the best value you can find for your money. You will never regret choosing her, but really regret not have chosen Maggie, when and have her as your opposing council, than you are doomed! Well you had a choice – choosing Maggie Smith at the first place. Thank you for all you have done for me and my child, I will never forget.

 “Does her best by doing things right” 5.0 stars Posted by Sean

There are lawyers who try win for you by cheating and lying. If they dont succeed then it will be the client who looks bad in the end. Marguerite Smith is one who will represent the best in you by doing things the right way and winning with ethics. I didn’t exactly win, but had I not had Marguerite as my attorney then I might have lost greatly. I am thankful that I made the right choice in choosing Marguerite to represent me, and I’m sure anyone else will feel the same as I did if they were to choose her. She will do her best for you by doing things right.

“Highly recommended” 5.0 stars  

posted by Xavier

“Ms. Smith helped during a long and difficult international divorce involving child custody issues. Besides being very knowledgeable, she is also very organized and proactive. Throughout the whole process, she clearly explained the alternatives and their consequences. She sought and found advice on foreign law as needed, consistently kept me in the loop on what was going on and answered my numerous questions without delay. Her calm and friendly demeanor was reassuring in those circumstances when you’re clearly not in control but merely trying to understand what the next step is. You can’t turn divorce into something easy, but it sure helps knowing you have someone on top of things on your side…”

Knowledgeable, Friendly and very Helpful 5.0 stars Posted by Brad

“Ms. Smith helped me through a very nasty, acrimonious divorce, yet remained a calm voice during the storm. I very much appreciate the fact that she maintained a professional attitude and kept me focused on the eventual outcome. My case was international in that even though we had been married in the U.S. the divorce took place with one of us living in the U.S. and the other in Europe. Ms. Smith worked closely with another attorney in Europe and was invaluable in helping me navigate the process”.

Helpful attorney that understands the business 5.0 stars Posted by michael

I have been using Marguerite Smith as my attorney for my son’s case since early 2009. The case lead to trial which Maggie handled very well and I was thankful that I had her representing me during this stressful time.

We are still facing ongoing custody issues for my son and continue to use Maggie during this stressful time. We would recommend her to others.

An extremely trustworth attorney with values and morals” 5.0 stars

Posted by Alexandria

“I have known Marguerite Smith for eight years. She is very fair with her billing, she keeps you informed and answers emails and voicemails in a timely manner. I know I can always get the best legal advice in any given time, with honest answers to my questions”.

5.0 stars Posted by Doug

Ms. Smith very effectively handled my divorce which I viewed as rather complex. She was able to keep me focused through difficult periods and kept after me to meet deadlines. I was continually amazed at the short time it took to turn around tasks and get them to court, opposing counsel, mediators, etc. I would recommend her very highly.

Professional Testimonials (about Maggie Smith’s book on closely held businesses: The New Standard -Marriage/Divorce, Protecting Closely Held Business)

 “Thank you Maggie! At last a book which addresses business assets and divorce. Let’s hope for all our sakes attorneys and judges read it”.

—– Roger Reynolds, Co-Founder and partner, Coldstream Capital Management

“We are impressed. This book presents a clear and understandable explanation of complex issues.”

——-Kathleen Cummins, Sr. Vice President and David L. Pace, CFPR Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Seattle, WA

“Maggie’s book should be required reading for any business attorney

——–Roger Kohn, J.D. Member, Tousley Brain Stephens PLLC

I like this book! Issue identification is critical to successfully navigating new situations. Maggie’s book does an excellent job of identifying key, divorce-related business issues.”

—-Robert Duffy, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, Partner Grant Thornton, LLP Valuation Services

The book raises important issues that should be considered by all advisors who deal with business agreements. Given the increasingly specialized nature of the legal practice, an interdisciplinary approach like this is very valuable.”

——Akane Suzuki, J.D., LLM; Owner; Estate Planning, Probate, and Estate Litigation group of Garvey Schubert Barer.

Professional Testimonials (about Maggie Smith’s speaking engagements to attorneys and other professionals)

“Great presentation and discussion.  Maggie is wonderful to listen to. She is smart, witty…….”

“A joy to listen to and she herself listened well….Great job!”

“I really liked learning about something new that impacts family law!”

“Excellent presentation; Lively, good interaction.”

“Very informative! Lots of info in a short presentation. Maggie was great. Can’t wait to attend more of her seminars.”