ARBITRATION is decision making by someone chosen by the parties. It keeps the dispute out of the Courts. This can be beneficial as the parties may feel more comfortable with their own choice of an arbitrator than with a commissioner/judge who may not be known to them. In addition the parties can agree on a schedule for preparing the case/issue for presentation to the arbitrator as opposed to being restricted by Court rules and Court availability. Sometimes parties want the mediator, who is familiar with a case to arbitrate remaining disputes. This can save costs.

Flexx Law, PS offers arbitration services as follows:

  • By acting as an arbitrator to both parties or
  • Representing one client during arbitration with the help of an independent arbitrator.

Flexx Law, PS provides comfortable facilities with several available meeting rooms, for arbitration at the down town Seattle location.

Please note: It is advisable to have an attorney representing you during arbitration.

For attorney trainings and public informational seminars on this and other approaches, please visit our Seminars & Workshops page.

Maggie Smith on Arbitration

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing aspects of Arbitration.